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Dear Associate,
If your end buyer really need D6. Please review the D6 Offer below and advise if this is of interest to your buyer.
Fuel Offer
104 Week contract
(D6) No. 6 Fuel Oil Terms Sheet 
No.6 Fuel Oil USA origin
(Low Pour No.6 Fuel (LFPO) Oil 0.38% Sulphur)
Delivery Terms:
FOB Houston
Spot / Contract Total Quantity:
First Lift – 25,000,000 US Gallons
Contract – up to 200,000,000 US Gallons
Price Basis:
Spot: Price – $1.00 / $1.02 (Buyer pays commission)
Contract: Price – Platts Code PUAAB00 + 4 cent NET + 6 cents GROSS (Buyer pays commission)
The following transaction process is non-negotiable and shall be applicable to all products sold in Houston.
*** Buyer sends CP to seller for ICPO form/template and Soft Corporate Offer
1) Buyer issues ICPO
2) Seller issues Commercial Invoice
3) Buyer signs and returns the Commercial Invoice
4) Buyers Bank issues MT199 RWA OR MT799 OR BCL OR Bank Reference Letter (BRL)
5) Seller issues PPOP:
 -Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
 -Fresh SGS
 -Dip Test Authorization (DTA)
 -Authorization to Verify (ATV)
6) Buyer confirms the PPOP and issues his logistic details (TSA)
7) Buyer performs Dip Test at his own cost
NOTE: Dip Test will be performed in the Sellers Storage Tanks
8) Buyer pays for lift-able fuel via MT103 and Title is transferred bank-to-bank
9) Buyer issues Tank Storage Receipt and Authorization to Inject (ATI)
10) Lifting commences
11) Buyer and Seller sign SPA and lodge with their banks
12) Seller issues 2% PB
13) Buyer issues IRDLC or SBLC
14) Contract Lifts commence
Ben Asinya
Shamah Energy & Resources
Skype: ben.asinya
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0 # Vladislav Yakov 2017-06-17 00:29
Dear Sir.

I am Vladislav Yakov the Managing Director of NEFTEGAZAGENT OIL/GAS. We are a certified and authorized mandate that supply Oil and Gas products to buyers and consumers. We represent the major Oil Refineries to the Government of the Russia Federation to help buyers meet their various requirements and needs. We Can supply Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil Mazut (M100) D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam, base email us () for more clarification and understanding as this is an arrangement and compromise with a take over bid. more of a government bond with incentives and relief. Kindly contact us with our information below for soft co-operate offer SCO.


pr-d Stroykombinata, 4, Moscow, 119530
Best Regards
(Mr.) Vladislav Yakov
Skype: neftegazagent
0 # Robert Ah. 2016-08-10 12:45
Good day
We were cooperation in a subject of purchase and sale of oil products.
At the moment we are official mandates of a number of large buyers of various positions of oil products from around the world.
For specification and specification of opportunities of our
cooperation we suggest you to come to a conference communication by means of Skype and to discuss everything in live conversation. Yours faithfully Robert, Joint Consulting group.
we are interested in a particular - JP54 and D2 D6 Lnj have a very serious decisions on these key issues! We look forward to offer

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