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ZG Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler’s half bottom is Similar with ordinary boiler, combined with combustion chamber and heat transfer tubes. The inner part is the media hot water,and rest empty part is air, with an U tube works as heat exchanger,In the vacuum condition, As it runs in the condition of negative pressure,it absolutely ensures the safety.

The media of hot water with no increase ,reduce,in or out,it transfers the power with U tube and heat exchange.It‘s absolutory DNA pure water,with no corrosion or fouling,with a long life-span of more than 20 years.In conclusion,with this characteristic, It’s a tendency to replace of the traditional boiler and shell type boiler.

Safe and reliable:Phase Change Vacuum Boiler because of its medium circulation system pressure below the atmospheric pressure,Unit running internal absolute pressure is 0.02 ~ 0.08 MPa,Units in the vacuum state, so that it can't be an explosion.

Multiple use:A boiler (Hot water unit)can configure multiple heat exchanger, different temperature, different uses of hot water , such as central air conditioning, sanitary hot water, process water, etc.

High thermal efficiency:With three-pass structure, the second return pipe with threaded smoke pipe , heat transfer enhancement, the third return pipe using the smooth pipe, reduce flue gas flow resistance. Large heating surface, low temperature heat medium, large temperature difference, the exhaust gas temperature is low. The unique structure of the Wet back to combustion chamber structure, to abandon the traditional fire-resistant insulation materials, significantly reducing the unit before the smoke room temperature, plus the machine uses high-quality aluminum silicate insulation, making the unit down to limit heat loss, overall thermal efficiency of up to 92 % or more. Never furnace fouling, can run for many years to maintain high efficiency.

Long Service Life: Scaling does not occur inside the boiler to increase the life of the boiler, the boiler life is generally 1.5 to 2 times.Heat exchanger made of stainless steel tube manufacturing part, resistant to corrosion, the design life of more than 20 years.

Accurate control :According to outside load change, automatic adjusting operation, hot water temperature can be set freely between 20 - 90 ℃, set after the unit can automatically adjust the temperature, to ensure a constant temperature.

Highly Standard Configuration :Boiler combustion and control system components adopt imported high quality accessories,Brand of burner: Weishaupt (Germany),Baltur ,RIELLO (Italy).SEMIENS Touch Panel ,PLC .Reliable performance and low operation maintenance cost.For its high thermal efficiency, save the fuel;Fully automatic operation, do not need professional operation personnel, save labor cost;Without annual inspection, maintenance and management cost is low.

Easy to install:Units with built-in heat exchanger, system not need to be equipped with water treatment, heat exchangers and other external devices, simply connect the external piping can be used, greatly reducing installation requirements and fees.

Straight-tube heat exchangers, easy maintenance:Vacuum hot water unit of internal heat exchanger, straight tube bundle of heat exchange tube of stainless steel tube, even if the unit after a long run there is dirt inside the pipe, open water chamber head on both ends, for simple mechanical wash with brush.

Comply with environmental requirements:Complete combustion of fuel, low dust emissions;Secondary combustion, effectively inhibited NOX generation;Burning low noise, low back pressure in chamber.


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