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Gold Bars for Sell


We are one of leading exporter of Au metal,
Gold dust,Gold bars and RoughUncut Diamond,
Gold Nuggets,Gold Dore,Raw Gold,Silver Refined
located in Cameroon,We also have refinery in
Ghana,Equatorial Guinea,Congo,South Afrioca
However, i would like to inform you that we
have the following precious mineral in
reasonable quantities available and ready for
export, and we are looking for a serious,
reliable and capable buyers who will be
interested to establish long term working
relationship with our esteemed firm.Therefore,
we are waiting to hear from you for further details.

Buyers can still come down over to Cameroon if
he/she is not clear with our procedures that will b
provided on our FCO

Below are Commodity Specifications:

1.Commodity: Aurum Utallium (Au) Metal
2.Form: Gold Bars / Gold Dust
3.Purity: Over 99.89% plus
4.Quantity: from 1kg-5000MT Monthly or more
5.Carat: 24+genuine
6.Delivering Terms: CIF

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