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Dynamics AX 2009 to Dynamics 365 Upgrade Execution

When Upgrading from AX 2009 to D 365 there are many things to keep in your mind as you do this upgrade. Here are Only a few of these:

1. Development environment

Maintain An AX 2009 development environment with production data available while moving through the upgrade process. Testers and developers will often access this particular machine to reference how functionality and also the data behaved in 2009.

2. Replacement processes

Celebrate Replacement processes for deprecated features utilised in 2009. In case deprecated processes are very important to your operations, then make comfortable with the replacement processes in D376 before you go live. That you don't need to get caught in a challenging circumstance.

3. Adopting new Alternatives

When Possible, think about embracing new modules/ISVs/processes in Dynamics 365at a phase following the upgrade. If you put in new processes into the mix whilst upgrading, you interject more change than is necessary at any time. If you encounter a concern with the newest modules, it's hard to understand whether the problem is with the software or Recover information or if it's because of a lack of understanding in the new procedure.


4. Migrating data

There Is not a data upgrade path from 2009 to Dynamics 365, the data must be migrated. Microsoft offers a tool/hotfix you install into your AX 2009 environment that extracts files. Another component of the tool is a setup sort where you tell AX in which Lifecycle Services (LCS) to push people files with your extracted data. Sort through what data you need to migrate and then get the application installed in your 2009 environment are familiar with it.

5. Review customizations

In Your AX 2009 production environment navigate into Administration > Reports > System > Element usage log and run the report. The report lets you know if each ISV, customized and custom form has been used. If you've got customizations not used, save your self a little money and time and do not recreate them in Dynamics 365.

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