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Pets Therapy Dead Sea Black Mud Mask

Pets Therapy Dead Sea Black Mud Mask 

Itch-less & Hot Spots Relief Therapy Dead Sea Black Mud
The Dead Sea Mud . The Mud For Pets Is Special Mud “ More Like A Cream “ Extremely Smooth , Extremely Clean & Filtered from all Impurities , Enriched with Aloe Vera 10% And Allantoin + Other Anti Irritation Agents .


For dermatological conditions associated with infections, an aid in the treatment of hot spots and as first aid for scrapes and abrasions. The Dead Sea black mud, effective with antibacterial and anti fungal botanical oils and extracts is a unique and incomparable relief and soothing solution providing optimal therapeutic effectiveness.


Aloe Vera : Helps In Acne & Psoriasis Treatment - Aloe Vera is a natural herb having healing qualities. Psoriasis is a skin disorder. Therefore, it is a good remedy for improvement of skin affected by this disorder. Aloe Vera includes anti-fungal properties and anti-bacterial qualities. These properties make Aloe Vera a proven remedy for disorders like psoriasis. A superb hydrator and soothing agent, very beneficial to damaged, dry, chapped or sun-exposed Skin

Anti Irritation " The Ingredient its Allantoin and it Have benefit for skin as well  healing, moisturizing, Soothing and anti-irritating properties
Directions for Use:
Spread all over the cleansed skin, until the affected area is fully covered . Repeat treatment as often as necessary.Easily spread on coat hair and skin for three minutes and rinse with water.

Product Code : PETM001
Quantity : 1000 Kg 
Packing : 20 Kg Buckets with Inner Sullivan sack
Price : 20.00 US$ per 1 Kg
Production Lead time : 22 Business Days
Delivery : EX – Factory
Shipping will be added


Scent ​- Buyer Choice
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • ​Lavender Essential Oil
ADD  0.42 US$ Per 1 Kg
Payment Terms :
Based on Proforma Invoice and Bank to Bank only Wire Transfer 50% Upon Confirmation & the Balance 50% Before Shipment based on Draft Copies of Shipment Documents and if we shipping then a Draft Copies of Bill of Lading will be provided via email. 

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