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Internal Audit, Accounting Services dubai and Accounting Software implementation- 055-1598152

Internal audit is one of the main Accounting Services, which is dynamic profession involved in helping organizations achieve their objectives. It is concerned with evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes in an organization

A strong, Internal Audit framework integrates compliance, controls  risk management with your mission, vision,  Budget Forecasting and stakeholder expectations. As such, it can help you shape new governance increasing your effectiveness, calculate cash flow management eliminating duplication, and performance improvement.


The purpose of internal audit is to support the board of directors, the audit committee and the chief executive officer by:

  • Reviewing achievement of organization objectives.
  • Assessing all decisions are properly authorized.
  •  Assessing reliability and integrity of information.
  •  Reviewing assets are safeguarded.
  •  Review all compliance with laws, regulations, policies and contracts.
  •  Assessing efficiency, effectiveness and economy of business activities.
  •  Analysis of  opportunity for fraud and corruption.
  •  Following–up previous audits to assess if remedial action has been effectively
  •  Implemented.  Looking for better ways of doing things.
  •  Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
  •  Reliability of financial and management reporting.


We provide following Accounting & Auditing Services by Professionals:


  • Accounting on monthly, quarterly or year basic
  • Internal Auditing
  • Audit Reports and Review of Accounts.
  • Financial reporting
  • Software Implementation (Sage, Quick book, Tally)
  • Account Setup
  • Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Backlog clearance and More.


For any Queries or Details Talk to Our Consultants at:

Al Najm Al Mawsuq Accounting Service LLC.

Mr. Husain (CA) – 050-3515421

Mr. Shabbir – 055-1598152

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