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Accounting service at best prices - AL Najm

AL -NAJM provides a full range of accounting services and bookkeeping services Our main aim  is to help business owners to  cut down time spent on non-essential tasks, and to make focus on basic  business functions and increase profitability.

Our advanced technical expertise differentiates  Accounting services  from other companies offering similar accounting services and bookkeeping services. We provide Appropriate, profitable  and personalized  accounting solutions & all the accounting services.

We Provide Below Accounting Services : -


• Bookkeeping Services
•  Internal Audit Services
• cash flow management
• Business Analysis
• Data Migration

• Budgeting & Forecasting
• Cash Flow Management

We respect the relationships we have settled with our clients, including our work with accounting firms. Our expert professionals work very hard to provide timely and accurate data  reports &  Accounting Services .


Bookkeeping Services :-

we can provide the most adequate bookkeeping solutions at reasonable rates. We work with renowned software programs like QuickBooks, Peachtree, sage and other popular accounting software’s.


Involved a list of Tasks performed by our experts:


  • Manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables.
  • Manage inventory records.
  • operate personal bookkeeping services.
  • Maintain purchase orders and expense reports.
  • Check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, analytical accuracy, and proper codes.

Internal Audit Services :-


A strong, critical Internal Audit structure integrates consent, controls and developed risk management with your mission, vision, and stakeholder assumption. As such, it can help you shape new administration and risk paradigm anticipating issues improve  your effectiveness, eliminating duplication, and identifying areas of potential performance improvement.


Cash Flow Management :-


The process of audit, analyzing, and accommodate your business's cash flows. Many of the Business fail due to poor management of cash flow. If your business constantly consume more than it earns, as caused by gap between cash inflows and outflows.

Firstly, we perform a Cash Flow Analysis on a daily basis or Predicting cash flows.Secondly, we develop and use strategies that will control an adequate cash flow in your business and managing financial risks.

Business Analysis:-


 Having Experience of Business Analysis in different business like Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Services etc. can easily provide:
1. compassionate and documenting business needs and concern
2. Review, analysis and definition of business practice and workflows
3. Business Systems, Data and Functional Analysis
4. Identify and analyze solutions to meet business objectives
5. endorsement of process architectures and designs.

 Data Migration :-

AL-NAJM has the perfect Tools,  Resources and expertise for a list of accounting software which involves completing all of the Data Migration tasks such as Conduct a requirements analysis, Structure the system, Export the data, operate data mapping, Import data and Reconcile data.


Budgeting & Forecasting :-

These  processes are critical for helping finance management accept where they are today, plan for where they want to be tomorrow and understand what steps are needed to be taken to ensure the organization  is able to stay on course.

Call our Auditors now for a Professional Auditing Services at Best Price in UAE.

Mr. Husain (CA) – 050-3515421

Mr. Shabbir – 055-1598152

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